NADFAS Church Trail for Children (with accompanying adults)

While working as Church Recorders, Jan Tucker and Chris Hemming realized that St Faith’s Church in Bacton would be ideally suited to a children’s church trail. Gill Batchelor chairman of The Arts Society Hereford presented the completed trail to the church warden of St Faith’s Church at the annual Bacton Barbecue – making this the first Children’s Church Trail in Herefordshire.

Inspired by what they learned in preparing the Children’s Church Trail in Bacton and by how the children received it, Jan and Chris went on to complete trails for the famous Norman church at Kilpeck and All Saints in Hereford.

During 2017, two more trails have been completed, at Marden and Croft Castle church near Leominster.

Jan & Chris are currently busy on another project.


Photo Caption:

Children at the entrance to Kilpeck Church.