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10 March 2020The Two Gustav's: Mahler & Klimt.
11 February 2020Animals in Ancient Egyptian Art
14 January 2020Kandinsky & The Expression of The Spiritual in Art.
10 December 2019Double Dutch: Symbols, Emblems & "Double-Entendre" in Dutch Genre Painting.
12 November 2019Faber & faber: 90 Years of Excellence in Cover Design.
08 October 2019Fabulous Frocks and the Famous People Who Wore Them Part 2
11 June 2019AGM at 2pm, followed by: Van Gogh: Serenity Will Come.
14 May 2019The Laocoon Statue.
09 April 2019Herefordshire Churches & their Treasures: Past, Present and into the future.
12 March 2019Iconic Objects in Art: The Shell.
12 February 2019A little Revolution: Eric Gill, Jacob Epstein & the revival of the Romanesque tradition of direct carving in stone.
08 January 2019Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet & the painting of the Water Lilies.
11 December 2018The Return Of The Kings: English period style 1660 to 1760
13 November 2018All the lonely people: The work of the American realist Edward Hopper.
09 October 2018Dale Chihuly: The World's Foremost Glass Artist.
11 September 2018Fabulous Frocks & The People Who Wore them
12 June 2018Annual General Meeting at 2pm followed by: Enigmatic Art: Famous Paintings that Keep Us Guessing
08 May 2018Contrapuntal Forms: Barbara Hepworth & Terry Frost.
10 April 2018The Art of Seduction in Art.
13 March 2018What Makes a Photograph Unforgettable?
13 February 2018Burlington House &The History of The Royal Academy of Arts.
09 January 2018For the Love of Animals & Nature: The Art of Franz Marc.
12 December 2017Fabulous Frocks & the Famous People who wore them.
14 November 2017From Garbo to Garland: The Magical Art of Hollywood.
10 October 2017Mary Cassatt: An American in Paris.
16 June 2017A SPECIAL LECTURE "The Bacton Altar Cloth at St Faith's Church Bacton"
13 June 20172017 AGM @ 2 pm followed by Hockney's Mirrors
09 May 2017Catherine the Great & her Treasures
11 April 2017Postmodernism: Art, Architecture & Design
14 March 2017JMW Turner & The Day Parliament Burned Down
14 February 2017From Magic Lanterns to Metro Goldwyn Meyer
10 January 2017Discovering James Ensor: The Artist Behind the Masks
13 December 2016David Garrick: Man of Theatre, Man of Taste.
08 November 2016Painting with Light: Stained Glass in the Age of George III
11 October 2016Caravaggio & the Counter Reformation
14 June 2016Neo-Classical Furniture: Adam, Hepplewhite and Sheraton
10 May 2016Eric Ravilious, Designer: Wood Engravings, Ceramics and Lithography
12 April 2016The History of Landscape Painting
08 March 2016The Magna Carta - The Hereford Connection
09 February 2016Birmingham Town Hall: The Pride of Birmingham and an Ornament to England
12 January 2016Narcissus and Art
08 December 2015The Christmas Story: Paintings of the Nativity
10 November 2015A Golden Age in a Land of Plenty: 17th Century Dutch Culture, Art, Architecture and Horticulture
13 October 2015Rubens at Home: His Portraits of Family and Friends
13 June 2015The World in a Grain of Sand: The Life & Work of William Blake
16 May 2015Masterpieces of 18th Century British Glass
11 April 2015Women As Painters From 16th to 20th Century
14 March 2015The Scattered Treasures of Hampton Court, Hereford
14 February 2015Bernard Leach & The National Museum of Wales Tea Ceremony

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The Two Gustav's: Mahler & Klimt. Gavin Plumley Tuesday 10 March 2020

Gustav Klimt broke away from the imperially endorsed art institutions in Vienna in 1897. In the same year, Gustav Mahler arrived to take charge of city opera house. Gavin Plumley compares these two totemic talents.