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10 December 2019Double Dutch: Symbols, Emblems & "Double-Entendre" in Dutch Genre Painting.
14 January 2020Kandinsky & The Expression of The Spiritual in Art.
11 February 2020Animals in Ancient Egyptian Art
10 March 2020The Two Gustav's: Mahler & Klimt.
14 April 2020Damien Hirst & Contemporary Art.
12 May 2020A Ploughman, An Incestuous Knight, An Eloped Heiress and a Murderous Queen: Decoding a Medieval masterpiece, The Luttrell Psalter.
09 June 2020AGM at 2pm followed by; Women Photographers From the 19th & 20th Centuries.

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Double Dutch: Symbols, Emblems & "Double-Entendre" in Dutch Genre Painting. Lynne Gibson Tuesday 10 December 2019

Plucked chickens & lap dogs, lutes & virginals, oysters & artichokes, footwarmers & bed warmers!

Lynne Gibson explores how these seemingly innocent objects hint at adult themes in thje paintings admired in 17th Century Holland.