Welcome to The Arts Society Hereford

Our aim is to entertain and educate through first class lecturers, visits and opportunities to volunteer. Our voluntary work includes church recording; church trails and safeguarding our heritage through repairing and restoration projects.

Illustrated expert lectures cover a wide variety of topics including architecture, art and design, ceramics, glass, painting, music, furniture, sculpture, jewellery and much more, covering prehistory to modern times.

Visits may include country houses, exhibitions, gardens and other places of interest. We also organise "pop-up" visits in addition to those in the programme. These will be at shorter notice but will be well publicised at lectures, on the website and via email. Please look out for them!


The Arts Society Hereford Committee Report June 2019

The 2018-19 programme of lectures was very well received by our members.  These covered a broad range of topics. We are pleased to report that the temporary move to St. John’s Methodist Church Hall in January due to the refurbishments at the Green Dragon does not seem have had a significant effect on attendance. The average attendance over the four-month period was the same as last season.

 It is only with the support of the membership that the Arts Society continues to maintain a high standard of lectures. Your evaluative comments, collected after each lecture, are much appreciated.  They are required by the Arts Society London office and are essential in monitoring and maintaining the quality of all Arts Society lectures. The lecturers have to pass a rigorous selection process and only a small number of those applying are accepted each year.

 We are also grateful for recommendations for future programme planning.  Your suggestions and requests are invaluable and we hope you can see this reflected in the lecture titles in our latest brochure.

 During 2018-19 our brochures were widely distributed by Committee members, targeting a wide range of venues and events. The success of brochure distribution is difficult to quantify, but does offer the opportunity to “spread the word”, encourage attendance at our lectures, and help to increase our membership. 

The well-presented Display Board continued to draw attention to forthcoming lectures; events, visits and volunteering opportunities, attracting favourable comments, and the Arts Society Banners have also been a prominent feature on display at lectures. 

 Ross, Malvern and Hereford Arts Societies are involved in a major embroidery work creating the History of Hellen’s Manor, Much Marcle, HR8 2LY.

The design work, half of which has now been completed, has been created by four of the group, including Sally Ziesler who is leading the project. 21 different stitches are being used to create varying effects, and many experimental samples including people, horses, buildings, animals and trees have been produced by the team.

Work on the first half of the design has just begun, and interesting and exciting times lie ahead for the dozen or so ladies who are involved in this project, which will be a challenging and lengthy one!

 Over the last two years a few of us from The Arts Society joined others to help refurbish two campaign chairs from Blenheim Palace. The work was done with 8-strand silk on a very fine canvas and can now be viewed at the Palace. The chairs looked very splendid when completed.

 Two copes from Gloucester Cathedral have also been very finely refurbished by two members of The Arts Society. 

 The Parks & Gardens team is nearing the end of their project in Blackfriars Rose Gardens off Widemarsh Street, Hereford. They began in September 2017 by deadheading & light weeding and then pruning. In early 2018 they researched the history of the site under the direction of David Whitehead in the Herefordshire Archives & Records Office. At the same time, they inspired the founding of the Friends of Blackfriars Rose Gardens, under the umbrella of Hereford in Bloom as a charitable organisation. 

 By late October the Friends had raised enough funds to replant 12 rose beds, greatly aided by a grant from Hereford City Council. In February 2019 another 6 beds were replanted, and we hope to replant another 8 in November. In this project, The Arts Society Hereford has led others in the community to join in reviving the rose gardens in this historic site, making Blackfriars an attractive place for both visitors and residents of Herefordshire to visit once again.

 What used to be called Church Children's Trails are now renamed by The Arts Society as Discovery Trails, mainly since there has been a broadening of clientele and venues to include Dementia Trails, Town Trails and Trails for those of other faiths.

Our TASH volunteers have been concentrating on the Discovery Trails and this year Trails have been presented to St Michael and All Angels Church, Croft, All Saints Church, Brockhampton and St Mary the Virgin, Burghill.

As well as beginning a Trail for Fownhope Church they are at present advising those involved in two potential new local trails, one in Ledbury and the other at Eastnor. Both churches have a wealth of artefacts and are of great significance in our area. If anyone else would like to produce a trail then Chris Hemming and Jan Tucker would be only too pleased to assist or even just chat about what it might involve. They find it most stimulating and are sure others would too since, although designed for 8 to 12 year olds, the trails are of interest to adults as well as they focus on some of the most fascinating parts of each church. 

Do pop along to one of these churches and enjoy some time trying a trail!




Return to the Green Dragon Hotel.

A warm welcome to the 2019/2020 lecture season for established members, new members and guests.

Our new lecture season started Tuesday 8th October 2019, with our return to the Green dragon Hotel in Broad Street Hereford which has been completely refurbished. As most of our members will know, the lectures are held in the hotel ballroom and start promptly at 2:30pm on the second Tuesday of each month.

There is still some minor electrical work to be done in the ballroom, but this will not impact on our lectures.

We are also informed that a sound system will be installed at a later date. For the moment, we have our own portable loudspeaker and radio microphone, but it does occasionally pick up stray interference and lecturers are given the choice of whether to use it. Fortunately, the ballroom acoustics are good and most lecturers are able to be easily heard without using it.

In a change to the established routine of serving refreshments after the lecture, tea & coffee will now be available before the lecture. In order for our speakers to begin their talks on time at 2:30, may we respectfully request everyone arrives in good time to take refreshments and be seated for 2:15pm.